Always ready and “open to receive,” Sepfry is the true epitome of beauty and wellness. She seeks adventures and empowers herself with yoga, internalizing each pose’s meaning with concentration and a happy heart. Meditation is her way of relieving stress, anxiety, and negativities. 


Join Sepfry in her yoga sessions and discover the gift of wellness channeled through bodily poses, mind, and soul. Relax and be yourself because there is no need to conceal one’s inner self and thoughts. 


Be Confident. Be You. See you in the session!

How i STarted

Growing up, I learned the importance of self-love, care, and understanding. I thought these are all values I get to know in the long run. That’s partially true but things changed for the better when I learned everything about yoga – the principles, poses, and meditation guides.


I could still remember the studio where I first had my class. It was small but full of positive vibes. My instructor was a wonderful woman and since then, she has been my mentor. Moreover, like any beginner, my yoga journey was not perfect. I had a fair share of heartaches and frustrations. But, I did not give up. Instead, I became stronger and bolder. So, I encourage you to not stop right in the middle of your journey. It’s a challenge so overcome it.

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