5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Today

Did you know that an estimated 300 million people in the world today practice yoga? From its origins in India thousands of years ago, yoga has spread across the continents and has grown in popularity.

How Yoga Helps Mental Health and Why More Experts Recommend It for Therapy

With all the problems that we face today, finding more people discussing mental health, whether on social media or during a casual conversation with friends at your favorite coffee shop, isn't surprising. Even famous people are talking more about their mental health issues.

Yoga for Stress Relief: 8 Common Poses to Practice

Everyone experiences stress. However, everybody handles stressful situations differently. Ultimately, the goal is to manage stress more healthily and not let it overwhelm you.

How Does Yoga Improve Heart Health

No one wants to have a broken heart, whether in the literal or figurative/romantic sense. Sadly, heart problems (cardiovascular diseases) are the leading cause of death globally. According to the World Health Organization, this is the cause of death of an estimated 17.9 million people worldwide.

How to Meditate While Doing Yoga?

Practicing meditation with yoga is like pairing ham and cheese – you can enjoy both on their own, but combining them makes everything much better.