Casa De Moalboal Retreat

Casa De Moalboal

Beat the summer with a lifestyle from the seashore only at Casa De Moalboal! The home of the famous sardines’ reef and enchanting blue waters, Moalboal is one proud municipality to have Casa De Moalboal - an enchanting resort with great amenities and beach access. Together, let us bring you the best experience in a summer getaway with its prominent location overlooking the resort’s pool and beach view.

Join us here this March 19 and 20 for a weekend of Full Moon Yoga and Freedive Retreat brought to you by Dawata Wellness! See posters for more details!




“The retreat was fun! I fulfilled another item on my bucket list - freediving, and the experience was wonderful. There were many takeaways from this event, but the most significant was focusing on things that matter and letting go of the ideas that did not. Moreover, gazing at the full moon while doing breathwork was also a great part of this retreat. How I wish Dawata could have an island hopping event next time! Perhaps, Carnaza Island? As always, thank you, Dawata team! You are all the best!”

By Kim Pardillo /

“Described in a single word, the retreat was FUN! It gave you the chance to let yourself relax and be more immersed in the moment. The part where I had to listen to everyone’s experience made an impression on me and inspired me to do better. All facilitators were great and experts.”

By Arvin Jay Ouano /

“This Dawata experience was one for the books. It was a transformative experience that reminded me of how much I love yoga and the whole mindset of its foundation. I was amused with the energy of the organizers and the synergy between everyone. I will forever remember the connections we made together. Please continue with these retreats because we need more of these”

By Arvin Jay Ouano /

“I had a wholesome and meaningful experience throughout the whole retreat. The activities were all interesting, and it was the best “ME” time I have ever had! The sense of peace I felt at the retreat was very promising. The beautiful scenery, the dedicated yoga teachers, and the fabulous and inspiring group of people I met along the way were just some of the things I won’t forget. Thank you, Sepfry and Dawata for providing us everything that we needed and making sure we are comfortable !”

By Pearl Getizo /

“This retreat reminded me to strengthen and appreciate positive connections with others, with nature, and my own body and spirit; to enjoy life, whether we're in motion or taking a moment to pause and just breathe. It was exciting because it was my first time seeing an actual moonrise and trying freediving. The activities were well arranged for physical fitness and emotional healing. Very uplifting. Thank you, Dawata!”

By Joanna Cuenco /

“This experience was one of a kind. The full moon blessed us with enlightenment, many new friends, a beautiful place, heartfelt yoga sessions, a magical ceremony, and a breathtaking freediving experience. I felt that I had achieved the purpose of this yoga retreat, and the time spent was worthwhile. I joined this event to have fun, and I think I have gained more than just that. I appreciate and I am grateful for Dawata for all the preparation , the fun, the mentoring, the learning, the laughter and tears. For sharing yourselves and your spirit. Thank you and I love you!”

By Helen Ignalaga /

“My first yoga retreat was a meaningful one. I met new people and learned a lot from each one of them. I felt recharged, and it was what I needed physically, mentally, and emotionally. The place was beautiful, and the freediving experience was superb! Grateful to all the facilitators for a well organized retreat and to the teachers for their guidance”

By Sofia Petancio /

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