“Yoga is the ultimate practice.” – Beachbody Yoga Expert Elise Joan

Did you know that an estimated 300 million people in the world today practice yoga? From its origins in India thousands of years ago, yoga has spread across the continents and has grown in popularity. 

However, even if it is becoming increasingly popular, many people are still resistant to yoga. One common reason some still hesitate to join the practice is the misconception that yoga is only for super flexible individuals who want to push their bodies hard to achieve a good workout. 

While it certainly is possible to become more limber and fit when you keep on doing yoga, this centuries-old practice is much more than just that.

What is yoga?

According to India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, yoga is “an art and science of healthy living” and is a spiritual discipline focusing on bringing harmony between the mind and body. ‘Yoga’ is derived from its Sanskrit form ‘Yuj,’ which means ‘to unite.’

There are many forms of yoga practices today. These are based on the basic foundation that yoga encourages people to achieve a peaceful, content, harmonious, and still state of mind through meditation, breath control, physical postures/poses (asanas), and other aspects.

Why yoga?

  1. Anybody can do it

You might be intimidated by young, fit yogis’ trending social media yoga posts. However, if you dig deeper and look around more, you will find that yoga is very welcoming and inclusive—people of varying ages, body types and sizes, and races practice yoga. 


And even if you are a complete beginner, it doesn’t mean you can’t join sessions with more advanced participants. There are plenty of yoga classes that cater to all levels where the instructors will simply help you modify poses to make them fit your ability, body, and needs. 

2. You can do yoga anytime, anywhere, on any budget.

You don’t have to buy fancy equipment to do yoga, and you don’t need to be in a studio every time you want to do your asanas. 

You can do yoga anywhere as long as you have enough space to move your body into the different poses comfortably and as long as you can focus when doing your practice. Certain asanas involve yoga props such as blocks or straps, but many studios readily provide these for their students. You can also modify by using items you already have at home. 

You can buy expensive brands if you wish, but you can also wear what you already have in your closet when it comes to yoga clothing. Some do yoga in their pajamas, and others even keep clothes optional (this could be another reason why yoga is so popular)! Just make sure you put on something comfortable enough that won’t hinder your movements or cause unwanted mishaps when doing your poses. 

As for fitting yoga into your schedule, sometimes all it takes is as little as five minutes to do a session any time of the day, so you can always insert your practice even during the busiest days. 

3. There is a yoga practice for every person with different needs/goals.


You can find yoga practices that strengthen your core or increase stamina. If you prefer a gentler pace, you can try restorative yoga. There is even pre-natal yoga! You’ll see that there is something for everyone in our Dawata Wellness studio. 


Another great thing about yoga is that you can do it independently, with a private instructor, with a select group, or in a class. 

4. It gives you more than just physical benefits.

An article on the Harvard Health Publishing website states that several studies have found that yoga can improve flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. It contributes to better sleep, focus, and posture. Aside from improving physical health, findings also show that yoga helps to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress. 


And because yoga is more than just doing a physical workout as it involves meditation, breathing exercises, and practicing certain principles and philosophies, you tend to carry the benefits of your practice into the other aspects of your life.

5. Yoga encourages you to shift to a more positive mindset. 


Thanks to its principles and meditation practice, yoga can teach you to be more present, appreciate life better, and be more grateful. Many individuals who practice yoga say it boosts their mood and gets them into the right frame of mind.

Receive the Benefits of Yoga

Don’t let your preconceived notions or a bad experience in one class take away your opportunity to receive all the benefits yoga has to offer. Give yoga and yourself a chance to get to know each other better, and you just might be surprised with the results. 


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